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For over 30 years New Wave Converting has manufactured printed and laminated flexible packaging for the snack food and food industries. New Wave is a leader in printing high quality, processed photo images on packaging film for our customers. All manufacturing is done in our two plants located in Fontana, California.

At New Wave, we have a commitment to high standards in difficult laminations of film which is a major reason we have “liquid fill” customers. The highest quality printing and lamination compliment New Wave's commitment to provide our customers with finished products in 2 - 3 week lead times. It is our commitment to high standards and the highest quailty that has retained loyal New Wave customers for over 25 years.

New Wave's customer base includes small companies and well as Fortune 500 national and multinational food companies. Every customer is extremely important to New Wave and each customer receives quality customer service.

We do more than understand our customers' needs. We respond.

Why do you want to buy your flexible packaging from New Wave?

•New Wave is an American family owned company.
New Wave is an American company that operates two manufacturing facilities in Fontana, CA (50 miles East of Los Angeles).
You do not need to deal with a company that subs out parts of the manufacturing process to unknown sources in unknown places.
When you are a new New Wave customer you will deal with the actual company that produces 100% of your packaging. You won't be stuck with a sales rep that is trying to deal with a manufacturer in another country.
New Wave is a family owned and operated business with generations dedicated to being the best flexographic printer in the world.

•New Wave is Green.
Customers are more aware of where a company buys their packaging film. When you buy from China, Mexico, or other offshore sources, you are contributing to the destruction of our eco-system. These other countries pollute the air and dump solvents into rivers. New Wave has spent over $1.5 million in equipment to scrub the air clean and we recycle all waste. We are compliant with both the EPA and the very stringent California Air Quality Management District (AQMD).
When you print with New Wave you do not need to worry about what country is manufacturing your film. You will not be contributing to the destruction of our global eco-system.
New Wave manufactures stand-up and flat pouches with or without zippers printed in up to 10 colors; clear or metal.
New Wave produces lamination in solvent and the latest technologies in solventless lamination processing.

•New Wave is Experienced.
The majority of our operators have run almost every form-fill and seal machine in existence.
With over 30 years of experience we are knowledgeable; but we come to work every day eager to advance our technology and anxious to show you the benfits of being a New Wave customer.

•New Wave produces Quality.
New Wave is a complete source for printing, laminating, and stand-up pouches with zippers. Other companies make pouches, but they do not print and laminate. Others print, but they do not make pouches. New Wave takes your art file and controls the whole process from plate to finish roll stock or zipper pouches.
New Wave prints with 10 and 8 color printing presses utilizing 4 and 6 color processing for photographic quality printing. As a technological industry leader in print quality, we print up to 200 LPI.

•New Wave has Superior Lead Times.
New Wave can manufacture your packaging in 10 days.
We have helped our customers with emergency orders that we've received on a Friday and delivered 10 color print, laminated roll stock on the following Tuesday.
We have helped a customer that was out of material because he ordered from China and the order missed the boat. He was going to lose a major account, but we produced his order in 10 days.
You do not need to wait 10-12-16 weeks for packaging film.

•New Wave has a variety of In-House Services.
New Wave has over 1.5 million dollars invested in the latest digital plate making equipment. We know that we make the best plates for high quailty printing and that ensures the quality of your packaging.
New Wave has a complete Quality Control lab to assist customers during the complate manufacturing process and to provide technical support at the customer's manufacturing location.

•New Wave is the Best.
Our service is simply “The Best”.
Be Smart - look at the big cost picture and you will see that New Wave gives you the best value for high quality process printing.

Send your art design PDF file to New Wave for a quotation or if you have a rush and you need prompt results, fill out our Quick Quote form or call today. Do not waste time.



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